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Vapes are popping up everywhere in Vermont.
But with all the flavors and ads on social media, it’s hard to figure out what’s really going on. UNHYPED separates the truth from the hype so you can see the real facts about vaping for yourself.


They’re more similar than you think.
See how the nicotine content stacks up between pods and cigarettes.
<table><thead><tr><th># of 5% PODS</th><th>MG NICOTINE</th><th># OF CIGARETTES</th></tr></thead><tbody><tr><td>ONE</td><td>40 MG</td><td><b>20 CIGARETTES</b></td></tr></tbody></table>


Harmless water vapor?
Here are a few of the dangerous chemicals entering your lungs when you vape.
<b>Newer vapes produce formaldehyde.</br></b> Which means the same stuff used to preserve dead bodies, can get in your lungs.</b>

The Flavor Trap

Vape flavors don't tell the whole story. What are those flavors really made of?
Diacetyl. This chemical creates a buttery flavor but also causes popcorn lung, a permanent medical condition.